Prevx launches cloud-based anti-virus booster


Prevx-edge.jpgCloud security specialist Prevx has launched a new product today designed to run alongside your current anti-virus software.

Prevx Edge costs you £19.95 but will add a nice, safe glow to any of the nervous disposition after reports last week that both Firefox and Mac users have been directly targeted by malware makers. I’m always rather loathed to pay for anti-virus, which is why as a rule I don’t, but I must confess I quite like the idea of the way Prevx works.

The anti-virus database and essentially all the leg work is done away from your PC up there in the cloud which means that there’s no issues with keeping up to date or taking up both bandwidth and HDD space with patches. It only requires a 1MB installation.

They claim that it’ll boost your protection by 30% but I’d say that was pretty hard to measure. What I do know is that I’m a fairly casual browser. I surf loose with a copy of Avast, all software up to date and little care for what I click. I don’t think I’ll be rushing down the virtual shops just yet but when I get hit by credit card fraudsters, it’ll be my first port of call.


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Daniel Sung
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