Tesco launches contract mobiles


Ever nipped to Tesco’s for some crisps and a pot of houmous and thought, “blinking flip, it’s a darn pity Tesco doesn’t do broadband.”

No me neither. Call me a curmudgeon but I like to get my hardware and broadband from a shop that doesn’t also sell equestrian equipment, not that I’ve got anything against horses, they’re fine, just fine, I mean, you can’t trust them, but you know, no ones asking you to – sorry I’m tangent-ing. Tesco is selling broadband, laptop and phones – that’s what I meant to say.

You can build you own deal from mobile broadband dongles and netbooks to contract phones with free TVs. It’s certainly worth a look if you’re looking for a new contract phone or mobile broadband service.

Their laptop range isn’t exactly up-to-date, but they’re by no means antiquated. Head on over there and tell us what you think, the person who can construct the most appealing deal wins. What do you win? The satisfaction of knowing you’re the kind of person who can spend 20 minutes of your life looking at broadband deals and make a competition out of it. And that’s a very special quality to have. Very special.

Dell Mini 10 hits the shelves courtesy of Tesco


Sneaky old Dell has done it again, although this time it was really Tesco that let the cat out of the bag with the launch of the expected Dell Mini 10 netbook.

The mobile computer, which according to the trusty old Dell pencil sits somewhere between the Minis 9 and 12, was slapped up in a product page on the supermarket mammoth’s website with a price tag attached for £349 or the same in…