BBC iPlayer goes global in 2011

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bbc-iplayer.jpgThe BBC will be taking their catch-up TV streaming service iPlayer on a world tour in 2011, as the UK exclusive service is set to go global.

With a US version planned first and an international launch to follow, the BBC will be taking on the likes of Hulu as shows like Doctor Who and Eastenders hit other territories.

In a letter to The Telegraph, cheif executive of BBC worldwide John Smith said: “We believe there is an under-exploited market for UK shows which the web might open up. Hence our work on a global iPlayer which we hope to bring to market next year.

Not only will that mean international fans can get their fix legitimately but it has the potential for opening up a new revenue stream for the entire UK production industry.”

It’s unclear when the international launcho iPlayer will occur, or who it will be funded. In the UK iPlayer is funded by the TV License fee, but internationally subscription or ad-based models may be used.

Mark Smith will take on the challenge of the service’s international launch.

Via: NYT

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