Apple handhelds go solar powered – longer lasting iPods & iPhones

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solar-powered-apple.jpgPsst, I ‘eard something, right but you’ve got to keep it just between you, me and every other iAddict and Apple-nut out there. According to MacRumors, one of their lads and lasses has caught a gander at the latest Apple patents being registered and on that list was a solar panel-backed LCD screen.

So, what this is, is a nice, space efficient, clever little way to power your iWhateverYou’ve Got while you’re on the move using the sun or any ambient light with which your handheld comes into contact.

With the current state of solar capture technology, it’s unlikely that it’ll free your pod, phone or touch from the wall completely but it will be a very useful top up method and you’ll feel greener than Alan Titchmarsh’s fingers.

MacRumors (via Electric Pig)

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