Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid trims your lawn, protects the environment, lulls humanity into false sense of security



Thank god I don’t have a lawn. I already struggle to keep up with housework, general home maintenance, paying the stair cleaners, personal hygiene, etc. If there was ‘grass’ to be tended to on my days off, it might just push me over the edge. Unless I had a Husqvarna Automower that is.

The Automower is, as the name implies, a robot for mowing the lawn. You lay out a boundary cable around your scraggy bit of grassland, carefully looping it round those beds of begonias that won’t seem to die of natural causes and just let it loose. The Automower will then scuttle about your garden trimming your grass with its small blades and leaving only a fine mulch (that doesn’t need raking) as a sign of its passing. Once finished, it returns to its charging/base station.

Best of all, while you kick back with a cold beer, idly scratching yourself and assuming there’s nothing important that needs doing, this hard working Automower isn’t murdering the planet by spewing vile greenhouse gasses everywhere. In fact this latest model – the Solar Hybrid – complements its mains electricity supply with power drawn straight from the sun, so that it uses about as much as much energy as a standard light bulb. It is even built from 90% recycled material. It’s our friend, our discreet little companion that mindlessly goes about its business of serving our every whim.

Or is that just what it wants us to think?

Are we to believe that it just sits in its power hutch all day and night just DOING NOTHING? I know it’s there, its tiny blades clicking, its little motors whirring. Waiting. Plotting.

Oh, we think we’re safe behind the boundary cable. We think it doesn’t know when we’re asleep. We think it can’t communicate with other household robots, that it can’t read our email or access our bank accounts. THAT IT CAN’T CLIMB STAIRS. Think again!

Husqvarna (via Gizmag)

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