Remember Tachikoma robots from Ghost In The Shell? Here they are, USB cable and all!


Tachikoma-robot-bandai.jpgBandai, creator of Tamagotchis and all manner of Japanese fun, has cranked out an amazing Artificial Intelligence-holding robot from the Ghost In The Shell series, Tachikoma.

Pluggable to your PC via USB, the metal robot contains various sensors, lights and speakers, and can even act like a Nabaztag rabbit, alerting you when you receive a new email. It allows you to play mini games on your desktop, however sadly, just Japanese desktops as you’ll be needing a Japanese operating system to install the software, apparently.

A perfect reproduction of the roller tankette which featured in the Stand Alone Complex TV series, it’s 133€.

Tachikomo (via Akihabara News)

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