Microsoft unveils Vista-inspired Wireless Laser Desktop 7000

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wireless laser desktop 7000.jpgClearly the chaps at Microsoft must be using a different version of Vista to me, because right now the only keyboard design Vista is inspiring me to make is one that I can twat them over the head with. New Windows meant new law suits fancy functions which I’ll begrudgingly admit that while being a massive drain on the system do look rather snazzy.

Naturally you’ll want a keyboard and mouse that complement this sleek design and so Microsoft is providing the goods with the latest Wireless Laser Desktop 7000. The keyboard part is an ultrathin Comfort Curve design (read: the keys are aligned in a sort of bend). It’s a 2.4GHz wireless model and comes with the already available 7000 wireless rechargeable mouse.

So far it sounds like any old common-or-garden keyboard and mouse setup. The difference is that there are three assignable touch sensitive (eh? Name me one key that isn’t ‘touch sensitive’) that you can link in to all your favourite pr0n sites websites and programs. Aesthetically, the keyboard mimics the Aero interface by incorporating a translucent shell. You can’t really see it in the picture, but at least it has the potential to look quite neat.

Oh and finally, you know that Vista function that which turns everything at a useless angle and lets you scroll through it? Great that one. Well I’ve no idea what the shortcut is (don’t bother telling me, it’s a shit feature anyway) and neither does 99% of the Vista-using public, so this keyboard has a special button to let you access it right away. How handy.

Microsoft (via I4U)

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