MySpace offers you the opportunity to soundtrack user-generated feature film

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myspace_movie.jpgFancy being next John Barry? Or even David Holmes? Well, you can enter the world of soundtracking with MySpace, which is offering the chance to soundtrack Faintheart, the first user-generated feature film – which is being released in UK cinemas in the autumn.

The MyMovieMashup project is a collaboration between MySpace, Vertigo Films, Film4, UK Film Council, Slingshot Studios and Screen WM, with MySpace and Vertigo films now inviting unsigned bands and amateur composers to create tracks for a number of scenes within the film.

The closing date for entries is 24th March, when a shortlist of five entries will be selected by a judging panel – each will make the film’s soundtrack album, followed by a two-week public vote. Three will be used in the actual film.

Faintheart MySpace page

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