MySpace Developer Platform coming 5th February

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myspace_developers_logo.pngPresuming that you haven’t already deleted your MySpace account, you may be interested to learn that a development platform is launching for the garish, spammy service on 5th February.

Adam over at Mashable caught up with Amit Kapur, newly promoted COO of MySpace, who will be overseeing the new platform.

Though MySpace is rather behind the times when it comes to opening up to developers in this way, Kapur says that they’ve learned from the mistakes of others, and will be immediately addressing issues of privacy, monetisation, and data ownership.

Amusingly, they will be addressing the issue of spam on information feeds — prevalent indeed on Facebook, but hardly something MySpace is immune from.

Apparently, nothing like the much-hated Beacon system that Facebook introduced will make it into MySpace. Well, that’s the current line, at least.

MySpace will also support Google’s OpenSocial system (hardly surprising seeing as they helped to develop it). Facebook doesn’t, which means valuable relationship data pretty much stays within Facebook.

If you’re not a developer, then this may not mean a huge amount to you, but there’s no doubt that it will affect regular users. Whether for the better, we’ll have to wait and see.

Now, where’s that “Delete” button…

MySpace Developers (via Mashable)

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