MySpaceTV to host endless Britney Spears videos thanks to deal with TMZ


myspace-tv-tmz-deal.jpgGuess what, everyone? MySpace is still going!

And it’s still doing deals to cram yet more content onto its already bewilderingly packed and ramshackle pages, with news that it’s about to embrace the celebrity paparazzi scene.

TMZ, the famed gonzo celeb-stalking channel, will provide a few exclusive videos of something like Britney Spears GETTING OUT OF A CAR each week to the MySpace TV service, which will remain exclusive to the online channel for 24 hours.

But don’t worry. Anything more interesting than Britney Spears getting out of a car – like, say, Christina Aguilera coming out of a restaurant – will be instantly stolen and put on YouTube for everyone else to see without the hassle of bothering with MySpaceTV.

TMZ will also provide a range of other even less interesting videos to MySpace on a non-exclusive basis, so if you want to watch Alec Baldwin coming out of a Starbucks or a video of what looks a bit like Rachel Bilson eating a sandwich, you know where to go.

I’ll carry on watching stunning Portuguese aeroplane videos on YouTube, though, thanks.

(Via Reuters)

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