Better put your clothes on! British Transport Police owns a $60,000 flying video-enabled robot!


Good to see our taxes are going towards worthy things, like supplying the British Transport Police with one of these $60,000 r/c flying robots.

Apparently the theft of metal on our British railways is a huge problem, so the Transport Police use these expensive Microdrones to target the thieves – with the bots’ squirting water at the perps. It’s not just any old water though, as supposedly the SmartWater helps track them, for further prosecution.

The two feet-wide device does contain an inbuilt infra-red camera and video, which sends it to operators up to 500 yards away, making the price more justified. Police using the bot for their wicked peeping-tom ways is a rumour entirely unconfirmed, although entirely possible.

(via BotJunkie)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • Yeah

    get a load of them £30000 devices

    if they stop the criminal damage on our railways they’ll pay for themselves ten times over

    I’d rather have BTP flying these buggers about and travel on a safe system

    Big Brother is already watching you. your too late in your little crusade against these worthwhile tools

  • The irony would be in the thieves knocking the drone out of the sky with a well timed brick to the rotor and then dismantling 60 grands worth of metal alloy.

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