PhoneShield gizmo reduces mobile phone radiation

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phoneshield.jpgResponding to the continued growth of mobile telephone usage in the UK, the PhoneShield has been re-launched.

This small, discreet product can be easily attached to any mobile phone, and is supposed to reduce the effects of low frequency non-thermal radiation by the use of quartz crystals.

The list of potential problems caused by using a mobile phone include muscle weakness, headaches, tiredness, confusion, and insomnia. Combined with the statistic that 90% of secondary school children (and many a lot younger) now have a mobile phone, the PhoneShield could be a useful piece of protection.

According to their web site, the PhoneShield works by emitting a low frequency signal, which intercepts and cancels the phone’s pulsed frequency pattern. It doesn’t stop mobile phone radiation, otherwise your phone would stop working!

Available for £9.99.


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Andy Merrett
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  • I’m not quite sure why you would post a comment questioning a technology site posting news about a product relating to technology?

    Please set phrases such as “potential problems” and “according to their web site” to determine that this is what the company says about their product.

    It’s a gadget. It’s related to mobile phones. It’s been rereleased. Hence it’s a legitimate product. Whether it works doesn’t stop it from being a product.

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