Warner to launch "coffee book" style Blu-ray discs


Now that the high definition disc format war is all but over, it seems studios can start rolling out their own gimmicks and features.

Warner has decided that it will release ten Blu-ray coffee-book style titles this year, including “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Dirty Harry”, “Woodstock”, “Harry Potter”, “Bladerunner”, “Gone With the Wind” and “North by Northwest”.

It’s not clear exactly what form these will take, though some have suggested that they will resemble a regular Blu-ray case in size, but made up from a booklet with the discs housed at the back.

Whatever, it doesn’t appear to be going down too well amongst visitors to Blu-ray.com, even though details are very scarce at present.

Regardless of what it looks like, it certainly offers added value over a digital download, for enthusiasts that care about the packaging experience.

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Andy Merrett
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