Giant SNES controller even bigger than the N64 controller


What sets Nintendo apart from Sony and Microsoft is it’s rabid fans. Nintendo could publish “Super Mario Loading Screen”, and as long as the game features the regular Nintendo cast of characters and a few references back to older games, Nintendo fans will hail it as the next best thing, and will fill the internet with fanfiction and the theme tune being played on various instruments within hours. It’s the sort of fervour that has only ever been matched by fans of Apple and the Nazis.

I’m not complaining about this though, because I count myself amongst the card-carrying Nintendo fans – which is why I think this giant SNES controller is excellent…

The One & Co multimedia coffee table slash media player

Bored of your coffee table? Is its stained exterior and pitted surface embarrassing to you when friends or the social services come round? Then you should UPGRADE. You should GO DIGITAL with this, the quite astonishingly insane One & Co digital jukebox coffee table!

Here’s a picture of it. It’s clearly modelled on the Star Trek: The Next Generation bridge design, with its sleek curves and sturdy central column. “Play that awesome Johnny Cash album again, Ensign Crusher…”


And that’s it. It is, when you think about it, a rather awesome idea. You spend your time in the lounge, so why not have a coffee table…

Warner to launch "coffee book" style Blu-ray discs

Now that the high definition disc format war is all but over, it seems studios can start rolling out their own gimmicks and features.

Warner has decided that it will release ten Blu-ray coffee-book style titles this year, including “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Dirty Harry”, “Woodstock”, “Harry Potter”, “Bladerunner”, “Gone With the Wind” and “North by Northwest”…