Dreamworks kills off HD DVD titles, no Blu-ray until the summer

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Yesterday, over at HDTV UK, I responded to the news that Dreamworks somehow remained tied to the HD DVD format, despite Toshiba effectively killing it off.

Today, Dreamworks has announced that it’s killing off the HD DVD format, by not releasing any currently planned or future discs in the format. However, for either contractual or technical reasons — I’m not sure which — they won’t be producing Blu-ray discs until the summer.

Yep, they could be sticking to the Law of the agreement with Toshiba, by not releasing anything in the “rival” Blu-ray format — or they could possibly not have the technology in place to manufacture Blu-ray discs yet, though I’d think that’s unlikely.

Whatever the reasoning, Dreamworks effectively won’t be releasing any high definition disc titles for the next few months. Let’s be honest, though, the HD disc market isn’t huge right now. Perhaps the dust will settle after the format war, and by the summer things will look more positive for high definition in general.

(Via HDTV UK and Gizmodo)

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