Dreamworks kills off HD DVD titles, no Blu-ray until the summer


Yesterday, over at HDTV UK, I responded to the news that Dreamworks somehow remained tied to the HD DVD format, despite Toshiba effectively killing it off.

Today, Dreamworks has announced that it’s killing off the HD DVD format, by not releasing any currently planned or future discs in the format. However, for either contractual or technical reasons — I’m not sure which — they won’t be producing Blu-ray discs until the summer.

Top 5 gadgets to keep you cool this summer

handychiller.jpgYes, it’s summer. Really. After all those weeks of frankly atrocious weather for the time of year, we’ve finally got enough sunshine for us Brits to indulge in our traditional summer pastimes of getting lobster-red ‘tans’, reporting neighbours for breaking hosepipe bans, and poisoning friends and family with poorly-barbecued chicken drumsticks. Heaven.