Top ten techie gadgets and tat to take with you to the beach

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lowestoftbeach.jpg Back from a few days’ holiday over in Lowestoft, on the East coast of England, I’ve gained not only a lot of sunburn (curse my parents and their fair-skinned genetics!), but also a lot of wisdom in regards to just what you should pack for a good few hours’ worth of lounging in the sun.

Forget the hundred-kilo Harry Potter novel you’re still struggling through, and the three different varieties of sun cream, get these ten items into your tote now. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have sand stuck inbetween the keys of their BlackBerry’s keypad like I do, *runs off for a little cry and to slather some more ointment on her red nose*

1.) OverBoard waterproof cases – starting at £14.99, these cases are really more like glorified bags. Nonetheless, they’ll do a pearler of a job of protecting your mobile phone from all that pesky sand which gets everywhere. And believe me – it does.

speakeripod6.jpg2.) iHome iH19 portable water resistant sports case and speakers – bah, who wants to listen to the calming noises of the waves crashing and seagulls squawking, when you could be listening to some GERMAN DEATH METAL! Hey, it’ll frighten all the people away from you on the beach so you won’t have to put up with young kiddywinks spoiling your day. £59.99, and not only does it pump your choons, but it charges your iPod’s battery too.

shufflebottle.jpg3.) Bevy iPod shuffle case with bottle opener – an iPod case, with a combined bottle opener? Sounds like one of those iffy LG washing machine/MP3 player hybrids to me, but at least this is practical. Nothing like taking a bottle of wine to the beach to enjoy after a swim, and then realising you don’t have a bottle opener on you, something I learnt on the weekend. D’oh! $15 for iPod protection and drunkeness? Yes please!

4.) LightCap drinking bottle with rechargeable light – with a one litre capacity and a solar-powered LED light, this water bottle should solve a few problems when frolicking about on the beach at night. £19.95 from Firebox.

5.) Juice Bag solar beach tote – you may as well kill two birds with one stone, and use a tote to store your trunks and suncream in which also has the ability to charge your assorted technical paraphrenalia as well. $249.99 is a hefty price, but hey, isn’t it worth it for a few more bars on your mobile phone? You’ve got important work emails to reply to, remember…

6.) Fujitsu FOMA F704i underwater mobile phone – I have sincere doubts as to just how waterproof this ‘underwater’ phone really is, but could be worth it purely to avoid the inevitable water you’ll spill on it when you climb out of the water. Not yet available in the West, you’ll have to travel to the Far East to snag one.

7.) I Want One Of Those’s inflatable spa – alright, perhaps a little difficult lugging down to the sand with you, it would be an awesome way to regain circulation in your body after enduring the freezing conditions of our various oceans, would it not? £500, and it seats four people, what more could you want?

8.) HRP-3 Promet Mk-II waterproof robot – what, you’re not in the usual habit of taking a robot to the beach with you? What are you, mad?! They can entertain the whippersnappers whilst you sip (ok, chug) your cider, and this one is even waterproof. Wonder if he can accompany me in doing laps?

gameseal45.jpg9.) Atlantic’s GameSeal waterproof portable gaming cases – believe it or not, there are some crazy sorts out there who don’t actually like swimming. Gasp! If they really must bring along their DS/PSP then encase it in one of these babies from Atlantic. $39.95.

yankopicnic.jpg10.) Yanko Design’s picnic for one – for that solitary figure up on the sand dunes who’s probably wearing a jumper and jeans, even in the scorching heat, we’ve catered for you too. This military-style picnic set is for one person, and contains a plate, cup, cutlery and room for spices.

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