REVIEW: Speedo Aquacoach swimming watch

Whether you are a recreational or serious swimmer it's good to be able to monitor your progress in the water. Up until recently, if you wanted to work out how far you'd swum in any one session you would have to count up the lengths and multiply them by the length of the pool – a process fraught with complications especially, if like me, you tend to forget to keep tally after a few lengths. However, here's a gadget that automatically works out how far you've swum – and does far more clever stuff besides. Read on to find out more.

Splash out on H2O Audio's iSH2 underwater iPod Shuffle case


If you’re a swimmer, then you’ll know what a pain it is when cases that claim to be ‘waterproof’ leak, and your iPod suddenly dies mid-breaststroke. Well, here’s a waterproof case that has won an award for best iPod Shuffle case of the year, and intriguingly, clips to the back of your head.

Makers H2O Audio reckon that it’ll go down to 3.6m deep, and because it’s positioned on the back of your head, it reduces “water drag”. It’ll attach easily to your googles, so it won’t fall off, though what the sound quality is like on the attached headphones when you’re underwater remains to be seen. Oh, and did I mention it costs £60? Pick it up from the H2O Audio website.

H2O Audio

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Feel like Phelps with Foot-Fins


Okay – picture the situation. You’re sat in a bar. In through the door swims mega-Olympian Michael Phelps (he never walks anywhere). Emboldened by liquor, you shout “Oi! Phelpsy”. He doggypaddles over and eyes you up suspiciously. “Schwimming… it’s eashy”, you slur. Phelps doesn’t reply. “I bet you fifty quid I could shwim fashter than you!” you continue. Phelps narrows his eyes and fixes you with a steely glare. “I’ll meet you down at the schwimming pool, at 9am tomorrow!” you cry, and fall off your stool…

Facebook "dipping" craze afflicting the wealthy – pool owners should be "extra vigilant"


Dipping is, apparently, the HOT NEW TREND among spoilt rich kids who live in the sort of areas where the neighbours all have swimming pools.

The Telegraph reports that youths – no doubt off their heads on alcopops and Skittles – have taken to tracking down nearby swimming pools on Google Earth, then organising midnight swim-meets in them with friends through crime-enabler Facebook…