LightCap – drinking bottle meets rechargeable light


You could be out camping this summer – or heading off to a festival. Either way, you’ll want to keep luggage to a minimum, so mixing a drinking bottle with a light should be worth considering – and that’s what you get with the LightCap.

Weighing in at only 312g with a 1 litre capacity, the LightCap should be able to quench any thirst, especially if you’ve been on the booze the night before. But it offers that little bit more. If you need some light in the night, you can use the LightCap for a strong white light or a more subtle red light for relaxing.

It all works via solar power, with a Ni-Cad charging system offering up to 12 hours of LED light from a solar charge. And don’t worry if you spill your drink, all the mechanics are sealed in a waterproof casing.

Available now, you can pick it up for £19.95.

Find out more at the Firebox website

Dave Walker
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