Evesham Solar 8600GTS with NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GPU


To coincide with the launch of the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GPU, Evesham has introduced the Solar 8600GTS system, which packs a healthy specification for £899.

The new 8600 GTS graphics from NVIDIA should offer extremely detailed environments and outstanding visual effects such as smoke, explosions and weather phenomenon – ideal for the gamer. The 8600GTS also features Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM for fast bus speeds and computing.

Also included is 320GB of storage, multi-format dual layer DVD writer, a wide range of connectivity, 22-inch Iiyama PLE2200WS-VB1 widescreen TFT display, Creative Inspire T3100 2.1 speakers and Logitech Internet Pro cordless keyboard and mouse.

Available with free delivery from £899.

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Dave Walker
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