CES 2007: Atlantic's GameSeal waterproof portable gaming cases

CES 2007, Gaming

game.jpg 5px; float: right;” />Maybe not the prettiest game case we’ve ever seen, but perhaps the most practical, Atlantic’s GameSeal has impressed the DS-users amongst us with its waterproof capabilities. They’ve added two new items to their GameKeeper range, for both the DS (old-school and Lite), and Sony’s PSP, both available for just $39.95. What’s exciting us is that unlike other cases, Atlantic’s can fit pretty much the kitchen and bathroom sink, with space for 10 UMDs, two Memory Stick Duos and charger for the PSP case, and in the DS’s instance, there’s space for 12 DS cartridges, 16 GBA games, and a muchly-needed charger. Now, if only they made a holographic one, with lasers…


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Katherine Hannaford
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