CES 2007: The biggest ever LCD TV (again), Sharp's 108 incher

CES 2007, HDTV, Home cinema

It just wouldn’t be CES with out someone wheeling out the biggest ever telly of some denomination. This year it’s Sharps turn with their 108″ whopper of an LCD. This makes it the World’s largest LCD telly to date, but you just know that as soon as word reaches their competitors, they’ll be high-tailing it to their nearest factories faster than you can say ‘who-the-heck-has-space-in-their-house-for-one-of-these-whoppers’.

Alas, we were turned away from the conference but apparently the reps from Sharp, including Mark Troetti, the president of Sharp Marketing of America, and Bob Scagione, the Senior Vice President of Sharp Marketing of the US, were really forcing LCD down everyone’s starving throats (the muffins disappeared hours ago, and the cans of soft-drink are but a distant memory). ‘LCD is the best flat-panel technology’, claims Scaglione.

There was no word on the pricing of this grossly extravagant 108 incher, but it features Sharp’s Advanced Super View LCD Panel, manufactured in the World’s first facility able to produce panels from eighth-generation glass substrates, the Kameyama Plant No. 2. As soon as we receive some pics of this monster, we’ll be sure to show you. Otherwise just take a photo of your current TV, and Photoshop it by about 900 percent. Voila!

We’ll have a pic for you as soon as we can track this big mutha down.

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