Softbank introduces the nagging robotic mobile handset in Japan (where else?)

Mobile phones

From one annoying gadget to another. If the USB Parrot wasn’t bad enough, maybe a nagging mobile phone will tip you over the edge?

Not only that, the latest handsets from Softbank Mobile in Japan even have arms and legs. Why? Who knows – they don’t actually work. But the nagging does. The phone has various faces and artificial intelligence, picking up if you on your calling habits. So, if you’re communicating with a certain person a little too much, the face will say something like: “You’re calling her often these days, aren’t you?”

If you want to develop a closer relationship with your mobile, you can pick one up in April in Japan. No news of it elsewhere. And I’m guessing that’s the way it will stay.

Softbank (via Imprint)

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