Is the USB Parrot the most annoying add-on ever made?


That staple of the 70s sitcom, the talking bird, is now available for your PC.

Yes, you can now pick up a USB Parrot – and it’s every bit as annoying as the real thing. Plug it in and the bird will overhear words or sayings you use near your computer, then repeat them randomly and probably inappropriately. Oh yes – it flaps its wings while it repeats your bad language and snide comments too.

If you want one, they’re available online for £19.99.

Thumbs Up UK (via Technabob)

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Dave Walker
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  • Oh, I’m sure there are many more annoying USB-things… Take the famous humping dog. Why anyone would buy that is beyond me. This at least has the potential of embarassing you if you leave it turned on when your boss comes by and it decides to repeat your swearing from this morning 😛

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