Nokia Morph – nanotechnology for your future mobile phone

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For a generation past, Morph is a small clay man and former star of children’s TV. In future, it could be a revolutionary new concept in mobile phone design from Nokia.

Nokia is working on the technology with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre, hoping to take the next big step in mobile form and functionality. That will hopefully include the option to wear your phone on your wrist or carry as a traditional handset (thanks to the newly-developed flexible material), a self-cleaning and self-preserving phone, transparent electronics,built-in solar absorption for charging and integrated sensors for more information about the environment around us.

A long way off production I would guess, but the future does at least look interesting.

Nokia (via PMP Today)

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  • The concept of the nanotechnology is really very interesting, this phone would be transforms into any shape which allow the users to make their devices into radically different shapes and I think it would be great the revolution in the cell phone industries. But this concept is just theoretical it needs to be come out soon.

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  • this is really good. i should be getting one for £100…(Amar said i can)(ill ask my parents) but Lg ks360 is better? can you get guitar hero GHWT on this phone? RUnescape?

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