Opera signs Google for mobile search; kicks Yahoo to the kerb

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opera-mini-google.jpgOpera has announced that it’s making Google the default search engine for its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers, incorporating its search box onto the start page for both browsers from next week.

It’s good news for Google, but bad news for Yahoo, which signed a similar deal with Opera in January last year – funnily enough, replacing Google. It’s a big deal, since Opera claims Opera Mini alone now has more than 35 million “cumulative” users browsing 1.7 billion web pages a month.

It’s not such good news for Yahoo, however – I wonder what happened during that year-and-a-bit to make Opera revert to Google. However, MocoNews points out that Yahoo recently pinched T-Mobile’s mobile search contract from Google, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

Opera Google announcement (via MocoNews)

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One thought on “Opera signs Google for mobile search; kicks Yahoo to the kerb

  • What happened?! Think about it, if Opera offer up Google as their defacto search engine through Operas Mini and Mobile, they stand a far greater chance of slipping their product into that Android installation that’ll ship on next generation mobile hardware.

    ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ if you will. That works for me, since both Opera and Google have been nothing but good to me over the years. Love ’em both.

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