Supermandolini offers the history of the floppy disk – on coasters


Even geeks turn off the PC and kick back occasionally – and I’m guessing a few vintage computer obsessives would like the Supermandolini Soft Sector coasters to rest their drinks on.

Each one of the set of six features a different floppy, from an old 5.25-inch diskette from the 70s through to more modern designs. Well, as modern as a floppy gets. All are sized at 9cm x 9cm, have a glossy finish and a foam base to secure your drink.

And you can pick up a set online for 27 Euros.

Supermandolini (via Retro To Go)

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Dave Walker
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  • I hate guns If no guns of everyone,the world maybe well.
    The first one is very nice.. I like it very much..

  • Very much overpriced, but very cool, too. I wouldn’t buy them when I can get normal beer coasters for free, but I would love them as a gift. Maybe I should start adverising my wishlist more…

  • Hmm, surely if they wanted to be truly authentic they should have made them the correct size and dimensions. You’d then have to pick the right size mat for your needs – a 5.25″ for a bowl of soup, perhaps, and a 3.5″ for a regular mug?

    What about those weird Amstrad discs? They weren’t even square.

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