Return of the floppy drive


lindyfloppy.jpgYou’ll have to hunt really, really hard to find a new computer with a floppy drive these days. After all, with flash drives rivalling the size of writable DVDs and generous email quotas, no one would want to resort to using the humble 1.44MB floppy to transfer files.

But if you’ve got a load of old files and documents stored on them that you never got around to transferring you could be a bit stuck if you ever need to get your hands on them.

For such situations, Lindy has brought out its USB floppy drive. It’s bus powered, so you don’t need a separate mains adapter and it’ll work with Windows, Linux and Mac.

So if you’ve just been handed a floppy by a luddite or just fancy being a bit retro, Lindy’s £30 drive will sort you out.

Will Head
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