Xbox 360 price cut – £159.99 in the UK from Friday


xbox-360-uk-price-cut-arcade-159.jpgCrikey, that is cheap. Cheaper than the Wii and nearly half what Sony’s charging for a PlayStation3.

Of course, the new £159 refers to the entry level “Arcade” Xbox 360, which doesn’t come with a hard drive. But it does, fortunately, come with a 256MB memory card, so you’re still able to save your games. And there’s five free trial Xbox Live Arcade games on it. And a wireless controller in the box, so you can play them.

If you want to “step up” and take it to the “next level,” the Xbox 360 Pro – with a 20GB hard drive and component leads for HD connectivity – now comes in at a recommended £199.99, £50 quid less than before. While the Xbox 360 Elite – with a 120GB hard drive – has been hacked down to £259.99, a saving of £40.

With Sony’s PS3 apparently enjoying a bit of a sales revival in Europe and the UK, this is exactly what Microsoft needed and had to do. Especially with Grand Theft Auto IV mania about to hit when the crime sim sequel comes out on April 29.

The price cut takes effect this Friday.

(Via Microsoft)

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  • PS3’s still behind Xbox 360 in the UK and Europe. This price cut will ensure it stays that way.

    What’s wrong? Fell for the hype and pent £425 on that piece of junk? 🙁

  • You say the PS3 is having ‘a bit’ of a sales revival in the UK?

    WTF? It has reached 1m sold in the UK faster than the PS1, PS2 and Xbox 360 did so what are you talking about with ‘revival’? It has sold well in the UK since day one. In fat it actually had the best home console first week sales of any console in the UK.

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