Xbox 360 signs Paramount to Xbox Live Marketplace, for classics like Naked Gun


<img style=”margin:5px; float: left;alt=”transformers-paramount.jpg” src=”” width=”128″ height=”191″ />It’s been the least closely-guarded secret of this year so far, but finally this morning Xbox 360 confirmed that they’d signed Paramount Pictures to their Xbox Live Marketplace video store.

These means that for 250 Microsoft points (£2) you can get a standard def rental of Transformers straight to your ‘box, or for 380 points/£3.20, you get the hi-def version instead.

The fun starts tomorrow, with other films including 1408, Disturbia, A Mighty Heart, Stardust and classics such as Naked Gun.

Details are still as yet unannounced as to how their Marketplace will work alongside BT Vision once the gaming consoles are able to work as set top boxes for the TV service, which also offers on-demand digital downloads.

Xbox 360

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