Grand Theft Auto IV – coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29


xbox-360-grand-theft-auto-april-29.jpgFinally, the game the world has been holding its breath for for so long we’ve all nearly fainted, has an official release date – GTA IV will arrive on April 29. And it’s such an important game it’s getting a simultaneous worldwide release.

Coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it was thought for a few worrying months that GTA IV might end up getting re-delayed back to the autumn, after it missed its end-of-2007 original launch and was sent back to Spring 2008.

But clearly developer Rockstar has decided it’s done with it – and the series still has enough pulling power to go sales bananas in April, rather than during the traditional Triple-A Big Name winter game release window of September to November.

Will the gamble pay off? Is not releasing GTA IV in the autumn a suicidal move? Will we all just buy it anyway because it’s the new GTA and that’s what everyone who’s into gaming automatically does?

We will find out when East European main character Niko Bellic arrives on the streets of Liberty City (a slightly remodelled New York) this April. This April 29. Which is a Tuesday rather than the usual games release day of Friday. That’s what happens when things come out worldwide. Messes with everyone’s systems.


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