s-Jays from Jays Headphones – in-ear noise isolators with added bass


Jays Headphones, from Sweden, is currently shouting about its s-Jays headphones. I was quite a big fan of the c-Jays that I tested out recently (video coming soon), but those were over-the-head, whereas these are noise isolating in-ears.

They’ve got some technology that Jays is calling SIREN, which is a tubeless, round balanced armature, promising a good dynamic range and decent bass, which can be rare on cheap earbuds.

They come with plenty of accessories, including a splitter, embiggener, and an airline adaptor, as well as a nice carrycase. They’ll set you back £60, and are available right now. Looks like a decent upgrade if you’re currently running a cheap pair of earphones.

Jays Headphones

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