Jay's c-JAYS headphones are lightweight, but heavy hitters

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jays-cjay-headphones.jpgThe world of mid-range headphones has just got a little more cluttered with the release of the c-JAYS, from Swedish manufacturer Jay’s Headphones. They’re over-the-head jobbies and they come with three sizes of foam cushion, from small to whopping (whopping pictured above).

You’ve got to love that way that whenever technology companies invent something, they give it a silly name and acronym. In this case, Jay’s has invented something called the Elastic Multi Layer (EML) Membrane, which apparently makes things sound nice, and SGSCC (Single Crystal Copper) cables, which reduce distortions.

For those keeping score, that’s the second time today that an abbreviation doesn’t match up with what it’s abbreviating. I’m not a happy bunny.

The different ear cushions are interesting – they’ll to affect the sound that you get out of the cans. The smallest ones pack plenty of heavy bass, the medium-sized ones are ‘well balanced’, and the largest ones will give you a ‘closed’ cup design, which give you a much bigger, deeper and more detailed soundstage, thanks to the external noise that it blocks out.

The c-JAYs are supplied with a 60cm cable, and a 70cm extension, with a gold plated plug. That plug will happily fit into the recessed 3.5mm socket of the iPhone. There’s also an embiggener supplied, if you want to use them for DJing, or in a Hi-Fi setting at home, an airplane adapter, and a stereo splitter for when you want to share your music with a friend or business associate.

Specs-wise, there’s 40mm drivers, 99dB SPL of sensitivity, 40Ω of impedance, and they have a frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000Hz. Without cables, they weigh 73g. Now we come to the crucial bit – how much do they cost?

I’m delighted to inform you that although you might have got a bit of a ‘luxury’ vibe from the above, the c-JAYS are just £80. They come in black or white, and although the press release claims that this site is the exclusive UK distributor, I think you might have more luck here, or there’s always Amazon.


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