RIM launch BlackBerry 6 OS – Video


After a month’s worth of leaks, RIM have officially launched the BlackBerry 6 OS. Check the video above to see what all the fuss is about.

It’s a pretty substantial update. There’s inevitably a greater focus on social-networking than has been present in the past as well as revamped versions of all the core built-in apps. A webkit browser has been introduced, as well as an onscreen keyboard, threaded messaging and multi-touch controls.

RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis had this to say: “It’s an all-new user experience guided by a few fundamental design principles. It had to be easy to use, yet incredibly powerful. It had to be fun and approachable. Anyone that looks at it should say ‘I want a BlackBerry'”.

This OS update will be rolling out in the back-end of 2010. No word yet on which devices will get it first, but we’ll keep you posted.

Gerald Lynch

One thought on “RIM launch BlackBerry 6 OS – Video

  • Blackberrys are very great phones. I have used one during the last 14 months. First I thought it will never match my requests, but for business usage in combination with an own Exchange and Blackberry server its a quite good solution. But I do not trust the blackberry mail service and additional I need different mail accounts within my mobile so I have wasted the Blackberry now and switched to HTC

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