Archos 9 Windows 7-based mini PC out in September


Queston: When does a media tablet become a mini PC?
Answer: When it’s an Archos 9.

Another year, another two inches and a Windows 7 platform for everyone’s favourite PMP. The Archos 9 sounds more like a netbook with its Intel Atom Z515 800/1200Mz CPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB HDD and other assorted capped up letters. In fact, it basically is, minus the keyboard.

Word has it the 8.9″ display is multi-touch with a nice new Li-polymer battery for maximum power efficiency. Connectivity-wise it’s got all you could need with 3G, ‘tooth 2.1, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and the whole thing weighs under 800g; stereo speakers, a VGA out and 1.3-megapixel webcam and that’s about your lot.

It should be available early autumn for 500€. Not cheap but then these things never are.

UPDATE: Just received the official on this and it also has a DVB-T tuner and will be followed by a 12″ version in 2010.

Archos (via UMPC portal)

Archos 7 preview:

Elan isssues multi-touch patent infringement lawsuit against Apple


Apple, who’s lately been telling anyone that’ll listen about how many multi-touch patents it has, must be smarting a little today following the news that it’s on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Elan Microelectronics.

The company, who make the keypads used in Eee PCs, claims infringement on two patents and is seeking an injunction on the sales of the MacBook, iPhone, and iPod Touch. They’re unlikely to get it, but given that they’ve already won a similar injunction on Synaptics on one of the two patents, there’s every chance that Apple might be forced to settle.

(via Engadget)

Palm Pre teaser web pages launched showing WebOS


I was always dead against Palm after the insult 10 or 15 years ago in their suggestion that I needed my life personally organised for me. Wind the clock forward and it turns out that I do, but just so I don’t have to admit defeat, they gave their latest offering, the Palm Pre, not only cellular function but also look and feel pretty swish too.

So, just to wind us all up a little more seeing as no one still really knows when it’s coming and on which network – although rumour has it it’s Vodafone – they’ve launched a bunch of we’ll-tease-you-with-pictures-and-videos-and-stuff pages just to get us all hot…