Palm Pre teaser web pages launched showing WebOS

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palm-pre.jpgI was always dead against Palm after the insult 10 or 15 years ago in their suggestion that I needed my life personally organised for me. Wind the clock forward and it turns out that I do, but just so I don’t have to admit defeat, they gave their latest offering, the Palm Pre, not only cellular function but also look and feel pretty swish too.

So, just to wind us all up a little more seeing as no one still really knows when it’s coming and on which network – although rumour has it it’s Vodafone – they’ve launched a bunch of we’ll-tease-you-with-pictures-and-videos-and-stuff pages just to get us all hot, and, in case you can’t keep your thoughts away from what could well be a genuine iPhone killer, you can hand over your e-mail address so they can remind you with nuggets of fools gold every now and then too.

T-Mobile played this kind of game with the G1 about two months before launch, so I’ve got the clock ticking down to April, right at the beginning of Q2 and the new tax year. Even money, I say. Place your bets below in the comments.

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