LG watch-phone to cost £1,000!?

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lg-watch-venn-diagram.jpgGosh, that’s rather a lot. Mobile Today reckons that the LG watch phone that we covered here will be exclusive to Orange and cost a massive £1,000. Wow. You could get 112 retro casio watches for that price.

The mere thought inspired Nate Lanxon from CNET to create the wonderous venn diagram over the the right there.

The G910 watch-phone was announced at MWC last week, and LG showed it off at CES too. Considering its appalling specs, requirement that you constantly wear a headset, and – now – massive price tag, it’s clear that Orange see this as a novelty for rich people, not a real device.

(via Mobile Today and CNET)

Duncan Geere
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