Video: BlackBerry Curve 9300 caught in the wild

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The BlackBerry Curve 9300 has once again been caught outside of RIM HQ, and this time Vietnamese site Mainguyen have managed to grab a whole 7-and-a-bit’s worth of the new handset on video.

Rather than reveal any new features, the video more or less confirms many of the rumoured specs we’d heard before. So that’s a 3.2 MP camera, QVGA screen and optical trackpad, as well as the inclusion of 3G web browsing. From the video it looks as though it’ll be an OS 5.0 affair rather than the upcoming 6.0 update.

IntoMobile however have uncovered one new nugget of info; a leaked Vodafone document seems to suggest that handset will be hitting UK stores in the Autumn.

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