SOLo Lounge Table: Solar powered multimedia center or just a pretty table

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If we’re talking multimedia centre eco-future for the home of next Tuesday, then take a close look at the SOLo Lounge Table from iF because it’s basically more or less there.

I’ll keep this short and sweet so that all you have to do is go “Oooooh” and “Ahhhhh” alternately at every feature as I mention them. You ready? Here we go:

It’s got a very large LCD tabletop.

It’s Bluetooth and WiFi enabled for collecting, distributing and displaying information from and between any devices in the vicinity, be they computers, phones or portable music players.

It’s solar powered by silicon cells that harness energy throughout the day.

It creates up to 17KW of this green energy that can then charge up your devices through the tabe’s USB ports.

It even has enough power to provide beautiful, evening lighting through sets of coloured LEDs.

It’s waterproofed for outdoor use, it’s on wheels and it looks damn good too. Sophisticated lady not included.


The only downside for me is that I’m not convinced by LCD tabletops. I sat at one yesterday and you can’t really see much on them. You’ve got to be stood right up over them in order to get a decent view of what’s being displayed or be perched so far forward on the edge of your seat that it’s not really comfortable any more.

Shame that, because otherwise I’d say the SOLo was spot on. Full marks for eco-friendliness though.

SOLo Lounge Table (via Bornrich)

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