Bookeen CyBook Gen3 – latest epaper reading device


bookeen_ebook_reader.jpgThe Bookeen CyBook Gen3 is being described as the thinnet and lightest epaper reading device around. It’s able to store 1000 books, which seems more than enough, but for any exceptionally well-read users, the simple addition of a 2GB memory card allows you to store 10,000, meaning you have a mini-library in your back pocket.

It is able to display PRC, txt, HTML and PDF book formats, and since it copes with JPG, GIF, PNG and MP3 formats as well, it can accurately be described as a rather lightweight multimedia device.

The batteries last for an incredible 8000 screen refreshes per charge, and is viewable in direct sunlight, and from any angle, preventing eyestrain. It’s also a rather smart design, meaning you look almost as sophisticated as you would with a paperback copy of 1984 in your hand. And it’s a terrific way for adults to read Harry Potter without having to be embarrassed about the cover. It’ll set you back $350.

(via Red Ferret)

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