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First ever book bought through Amazon revealed by customer

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Kobo eBook store launches in the UK

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Amazon to open high-street shops?

While they certainly have been stiff competition for traditional shops, who'd have thought we'd ever see the web merchants on the high-street?

Amazon launches e-book buying and reading app for iPhones


Today, Amazon plans to release an application for the iPhone that’ll allow users to buy and download eBooks, outside of its homegrown Kindle ecosystem. The application will be able to be downloaded free of charge, and will also keep track of your page across both a Kindle and an iPhone, so no more wondering where you left off.

There’s competition in the market, from the likes of Indigo Books and Shortcovers, and Google recently launched a free mobile product too. When asked about whether the app might cannibalise Kindle sales, Amazon VP Ian Freed says he’s “not at all concerned”, saying that it’s actually likely to help, presumably because the Kindle offers a better eBook expeirnece.

Unfortunately for the moment, the application isn’t available outside the US, presumably for licensing reasons. We’ll keep a close eye and let you know when you can get it on these shores.

(via Wall St Journal)

Google makes 1.5 million books available on mobile, free

Over the past couple of years, Google’s been industriously scanning, cataloguing and digitising millions of books whose content has passed into the public domain. These books have been available for a while on Google Book Search, but now they’re available on mobile too.

If you point your iPhone or Android browser towards, then you’ll find mobile-optimised versions of the books which display text, rather than the digital images provided on the non-mobile edition.

I should admit, too, that the headline’s slightly misleading – 1.5 million books are available in the USA, with just half a million of those available outside the US. That’s a shame, but almost certainly due to copyright issues – books in the public domain in the USA may well not be in the rest of the world.

Google Book Search for Mobile (via Inside Google Book Search)

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