Stinking (rich) students own six grand's worth of gadgets, instruments and clothes

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stacks-of-money-2(2).jpgI’d better not hear any more students moaning about how little money they have, because a new survey suggests that the average student has over £6,000 worth of gadgetry, musical instruments, and clothes knocking around in their digs.

Two years ago students “only” had around £2,000 of goods, but Endsleigh Insurance found that it’s an increasingly high-tech world, with mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers now winging their way to university. Interestingly, though, some students spend even more on musical instruments, with an average value of £689, though only one in four have such gear, while four in five have a laptop PC.

Once they get to uni, though, they’ve spent all their summer job money on possessions, and now have the lure of the student bar to contend with, because only two in five students have insurance. Even those who do tend to underestimate the worth of their stuff, by as much as half.

So, what on earth are students taking to uni that costs so much? Let’s take a look at the tech gallery of a particularly musical student and see what the local burglars might want to take a look at.

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Andy Merrett
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