COMPETITION: 12seconds – the Twitter of the video world

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12seconds-logo.jpg12seconds is to YouTube what Twitter is to Facebook. That’s where I’m starting with the explanation of this one. It’s the microblogging of video.

As you may have guessed by its name, you get 12 seconds to make a tiny little video blog about, well, about whatever you like and much like Twitter you follow other 12ers and other 12ers follow you, so long as your vids are sufficiently non-mind-numbing. Our Susi from Shiny Shiny has been having a crack at a few and I think they’re quite good actually.

Now, I’d say get out there and get onto it yourselves, but it’s all rather beta and exclusive at the moment. However, we have been issued with with 200 invites to give away between Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny, so if you’d like to get involved…

…then email us at this address and we’ll give you one, all free like, so long as you are one of the first 200 to get back to us.

But in the mean time, for a little more in-depth analysis of the matter, go and have a word with the lady herself over at Shiny Shiny or go stalking other users on the rest of the site.


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  • This and Twitter are ideas sadly lost on me. Are they for people with an awful lot of nothing to say? They don’t have the inherent capability to be for much else do they?


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