Vodafone to offer free access to BBC Olympic content

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vodafone_logo.gifVodafone is going for gold in the race to provide the best mobile Olympic service, and I’ve just died a little inside after using such a horribly clichéd figure of speech.

Vodafone has joined up with the BBC and is offering free access to the latter’s Olympic coverage, which is no doubt music to the ears to those stuck on stone-age mobile phone data tariffs (so pretty much everyone in Britain, then).

Working through the Vodafone Live! portal, the service will even offer free access to the BBC’s video highlights meaning that you’ll be able to watch Britain’s great medal hopes crash out spectacularly (cf. Andy Murray) whilst on the bus.

For users of the high-end Nokia N95 8GB, Vodafone is apparently also offering a BBC Sports news “widget” that will presumably run natively on the phone and provide even easier access to news.

So will it be game, set & match to Vodafone, showing its competitors the red card and putting it on the ropes after delivering a knock-out blow? Or will its competitors move the goalposts and retaliate and take it to penalties and create a whole new ball game? Only one thing’s for sure, and that’s that I’m running out of sporting clichés.

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James O’Malley
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