60GB Xbox 360 release confirmed and it's confirmed for Friday!


xbox360-60gb.jpgQuick, quick, no time to muck about. The 60GB Xbox 360 has been made all official and it’s time to start factoring it into to your shopping plans because it’s available to buy as of Friday.

The factoring I’m talking about is whether you were considering splashing out for the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite for £259.99 because the previously mid-ranged 20GB Xbox 360 for £199 just wasn’t enough to hang onto all your movies, games and videos. See, now you can save yourself a 60 spot and get three times the storage.

I’ll let you into a secret though. If you’re either a) disorganised or b) really bad at throwing things away, you’re never going to have enough storage. Buy an Elite and you’ll just fill it with double the amount of half downloaded films and episodes of South Park that you’ll probably never watch again, as good as they are.

One’s personal virtual management aside though, today’s announcement from the ‘Soft is nothing unexpected. It does represent good value and do make sure you take note before some shopkeeper decides he’s going to use you to help clear out the last of his 20GB Xbox stocks. Nice friendly types may drop their prices – perhaps even under Ballmer Ltd’s instructions – but it’s a cut-throat world out there. Watch your backs.

Oh, and just in case I haven’t made it clear, the 60GB Xbox 360 will cost £199.

Microsoft (via Xboxer)

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Daniel Sung
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