Nyko Intercooler TS for Xbox 360 and PS3


nyko-cooling-system-ps3-xbox-360.jpgYou know what Xbox 360 really needs? Another motor whirring away while you play.

I find that it’s occasionally possible to hear what’s happening during a game on my current Xbox 360, so it’d be great to up the volume of the Xbox 360 fans and motors to as-yet unheard levels of whirring so all I can hear is whirring sounds coming from the console.

Nyko has heard my prayers. It is also answering the prayers of PS3 owners who, jealous of Xbox 360’s ludicrous whirring sounds, would like to play games accompanied by some whirring themselves. The PS3 model even has a variable fan speed, so you can adjust the invasive whirring noises to your preferred level.

Whirring fans’ Christmas will be arriving this September, when the Intercooler TS series goes on sale.

(Via UGiz)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Oh, what a dream come true! I’ve always wanted products such as this to make my PS3 gaming moment comfortable and worth treasuring for (LOL). I’ll be buying one for sure!

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