The inevitable but ultimately pointless Xbox / Dark Knight customisation


darkknight360.jpgIt was only a matter of time before this happened – someone customised the Xbox 360 for nerds dedicated Batman fans. Really, it does exactly what it says in the tin – it’s an Xbox 360 with The Dark Knight logo on the front. Like many products altered to take in a band, brand or film, it looks quite good, but you’d have to be slightly too much of a fan to shell out the extra money.

This customisation, though, doesn’t really make sense. Because, for the first time in the history of the Batman series, there isn’t actually a video game in line with the new film. So to customise a games console with the name of a film seems rather pointless. It would be like customising a DVD player with a Grand Theft Auto logo…you might be a big GTA fan, but you wouldn’t go plastering its logo over your entire personal possessions regardless of their purpose. What next, Girls Aloud logos on your cooker? Starbucks logos on your curtains? This really is quite silly.

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One thought on “The inevitable but ultimately pointless Xbox / Dark Knight customisation

  • It could make sense, if you watch TDK on DVD on your TDK 360 ^_^

    Also I’m quite proud of my Starbucks curtains, they’re caffeinated!

    Disclaimer: The writer of post neither owns any sort of Starbucks curtains, or knows how/why they would be caffeinated…

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