Facebook overtakes MySpace, awaits passive aggressive status update in response


facebooklogo250.jpgNew figures out today suggest that Facebook has supplanted MySpace as the world’s most popular social network, boasting 132m people in June versus MySpace’s 117.5m. A spokesperson for MySpace said in reaction to the news “It’s not fair, everyone hates me, the only person who understands me is Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Mood: Sad & Depressed :(“

This is actually the result of explosive growth by Facebook – MySpace still had a 3% increase in June but is growing at a much slower rate compared to its competitor. The experts have attributed this to Facebook’s localised foreign-language versions and attracting more international users. I however, reckon it has more to do with the “emo” backlash and Facebook’s unique selling point of “not being terrible”.

It has been a good year for social networking websites generally though, with a 25% increase in users worldwide to 580.51m people – or about one 14th of the world’s entire population. That’s an increase of 35% in Europe, 9% in North America, and an impressive 66% in the Middle East and Africa.

Some of the social networks we don’t bother with over here are doing well too – Hi5 has doubled its traffic, and Bebo, Friendster and Orkut (which is apparently massive in Brazil), receiving a 30% boost.

I’m still looking forward to the day the world realises that Twitter is the way forward.

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