An iPod to iPod Transfer Gadget – NOT for the iPhone.

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With all the talk of ‘iPhones this‘ and ‘iPhones that‘, the poor old Apple iPod is feeling more left out than an empty milk bottle during a Dairy-Crest strike.

Yes indeed, in bedrooms up and down the country, little iPods are sitting on dusty shelves, wiping a solitary tear from their long-ignored connector port, looking down wistfully at the brand new iPhones snuggling up to their masters under an iPhone-themed duvet set.

Yes, the Apple iPhone is officially the coolest kid on the block – the ‘Buzz Lightyear’ to iPod’s ‘Woody’. It’s true, no-one can deny it. But the really sad thing is that the iPod is still a perfectly good gadget – and it remembers the good old times, even if you don’t.

I mean, when was the last time anyone feverishly awaited the latest iPod Classic rumour, or slept outside an Apple store just to be the first in line to get their grubby little mitts on the latest iPod Nano incarnation? Well, a long old time ago, that’s how long. Which is absolutely why it’s so absolutely lovely to be able to bring you an absolutely great piece of iPod news. Yes: News. For the iPod. Soak it up. And in your face iPhone.

The news is this… A new gadget called the ‘iPod® to iPod® Transfer Device’ is on the market which allows you to ‘quickly and easily transfer music, video, and pictures from one iPod to another, without the use of a computer’. You simply hook the two iPods up bottom to bottom (like a couple of mating mayflies), and as long as you have already pre-set your iPod to ‘disk drive’ mode, the crazy gadget allows your iPods to talk to each other and shift over it’s content from one t’ tother..

The transfer times are pretty quick too; with a three minute song taking just five seconds, and a 30 minute video taking 3 minutes. Oh, and whilst the Transfer Device has a rechargeable battery which provides up to ninety minutes of transferring time, they’ve thrown in an AC adapter to charge it back up when it’s ‘run out of juice’. Woof-woof!

Seemingly aimed primarily at the owners of iPod Classics, the Transfer Device also helps shovel your content around if you own any of the following players too: the Mini, the Nano (3rd & 4th Generation), and the Video (5th Gen). And, NO, it doesn’t work on the iPhone or the Touch. It’s exclusively for the old boys.

Other details to whet your appetite and ease that credit card so lovingly out of it’s warm and comfy place by your backside, include the fact that the Transfer Device also charges your iPod when its connected, and only costs about £50 online. It’s a solid little gadget, right? Right.

I guess the only real problem is trying to find another iPod to hook yours up to.

But forget that, because in the words of crazy country droner Randy Newman.. ‘You’ve got a friend in me, you’ve got a friend in me, you’ve got a friend in me…’. Never has a truer word been sung about my best buddy – the Apple iPod.

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