Get Orange Broadband, and get a free eeePC 900 16GB

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eeepc-900.jpgI’m getting really confused now by the plethora of eeePC model numbers. Turns out the 900 16GB is a version of the hugely popular netbook which sits inbetween the 900 and the 901. It doesn’t have the lovely Atom processor, but it does pack more storage than the 900 – an unsurprising 16GB. No word as to whether you get the Linux or the Windows model.

But a deal like that doesn’t come cheap – you’re tied into a £25 a month package for two years, with 3GB of data each month, 300 texts on the eee and a free 3G HSDPA modem. That means you’re paying a total of £600 over the two years. Quite a lot for a machine that costs £250 on release, and will likely be less then £200 before the end of the year.

It’s a good deal if you were considering Orange broadband anyway, but you might think about plumping for an iPhone instead if you’re interested in 3G broadband on the move.

(via ShinyShiny)

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